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Easily Target Hard To Reach Muscles

Founder Story

Our Mission
Mobility Wall is a revolutionary, cutting edge fitness brand. We create innovative yet user-friendly products to help improve mobility and range of motion, leading to an improved quality of life.

We believe movement is the key to life. Our mission is to provide people with the proper tools to perform better and recover faster. Our goal is to make self-massage and at home therapy an effortless, everyday routine that anyone can benefit from. Mobility Wall strives to make it easier for people to get the muscle relief they need and to motivate people to be their own solution for pain and stiffness.

We focus on helping everyone from professional athletes, novice fitness enthusiasts, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, to anyone who is looking for rehabilitation and improving the way they move.

About Chris DiVecchio
Meet Chris DiVecchio, Mobility Wall's Inventor & Co-Founder. Chris was born and raised on the east coast and attended school in Connecticut. Chris’ passion for fitness and nutrition sparked during his college years of training for hockey. He fell in love with the fact that he could easily change and manipulate his body. 

After graduating college, Chris moved back to his hometown in Boston, MA. He started a career in sales but quickly realized he wasn’t satisfied with this type of work. Chris then spontaneously made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Nonetheless, Chris still desired a career where he could have a bigger impact and make a difference in people’s lives.

Chris wanted to reintroduce his passion for fitness and nutrition. He decided to start his own personal training business while juggling acting and bartending. Chris’ business was based on “health from the inside out” and was nutrition and mindset focused. Chris began training his clients out of his 250 square foot apartment in Manhattan Beach.

After years of working with fitness clients, Chris noticed people truly struggled to relieve pain and muscle tension. Chris’ clients were continuously complaining about how they couldn’t reach their backs, even with a foam roller. Chris started to wonder how he could do things differently and realized pre- and post-workout routines were not as productive as they could be.

As a professional, Chris knew the two key elements to improving the way you move is consistency and proper pressure. Chris was also aware of the benefits of foam rolling but knew the market was lacking the proper tool to easily target hard to reach areas, like the back, neck, and shoulders. Chris also wanted there to be an easier way for people to foam roll without the hassle of getting on the ground.

The initial idea for Mobility Wall came about in January 2018 and the final designs were completed in April 2020. Offering a new take on foam rolling, Mobility Wall's foam rollers solve common problems associated with foam rolling: the need to hold up your own body weight, the inability to control applied pressure, and the challenge of reaching difficult target areas.