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Easily Target Hard To Reach Muscles

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Does Mobility Wall fit in any doorway?
Mobility Wall is designed to fit in all standard doorways measuring between 26 to 40 inches.

How do I mount Mobility Wall in my doorway?
Mobility Wall comes fully assembled and ready for immediate use. All you have to do is choose the location, place Mobility Wall in the doorway, and spin the handles to tighten the tension rods. Pro tip: The tighter the better, but please hand tighten only! The best part is that you can move it to any doorway, anytime.

Is Mobility Wall strong enough to support my bodyweight?
Mobility Wall has undergone countless hours of rigorous testing to ensure it’s capable of holding up your body weight with normal tissue and recovery work. However, it’s not meant for you to hang on, jump on, do pull-ups on, or swing on.

Why is Mobility Wall better than rolling on the floor?
Mobility Wall allows you to target areas that are difficult to reach, while helping support your bodyweight (neck, shoulders, chest, feet, and shins). It offers an easy solution for those of us who can’t get down on the floor or have trouble holding up our own bodyweight.

Why is Mobility Wall more hygienic than a regular foam roller?
Whether it’s at home or in a gym, many people don’t realize how dirty floors actually are. Filled with dirt, bacteria and other environmental toxins, it’s nearly impossible to keep floors clean at all times. While traditional foam rolling requires you to be on the floor, Mobility Wall offers the same benefits while standing upright. Our world has changed with respect to germ and bacteria exposure, so why not protect your safety and the safety of those you care about?

Whats the difference between Mobility Wall and Mobility Wall Pro?
Mobility Wall is the original, smooth split foam roller. It comes with a small ball massage tool. Mobility Wall Pro is our more robust, textured roller. It comes with four different massage tools: the small ball, large ball, bullet, and fork. Mobility Wall Pro is designed for a more intense experience.

How do I know when to use the attachments or rollers?
It depends on your desired outcome. The smaller the tool, the more intense the experience. For example, the split foam roller will be the least intense, and the bullet will be the most intense. Check out our Mobility Wall Mobile App for more detailed instructions.

How often should I use Mobility Wall?
As often as you brush your teeth! When it comes to foam rolling, consistency is key like brushing your teeth, soft tissue therapy will yield the best results when performed daily. For specific issues, we recommend sessions of no less than two minutes several times per day. For maintenance, use Mobility Wall a minimum of two to three times per week.